Kristi Kirchmeier

North Market Area Operations Supervisor
Kristi Kirchmeier

I started with McDonald’s a long time ago believing I was only working through Christmas so I could buy presents 🤣 🤣 and yet I’m still here. I believe I sit at 27 years. Ufda, that’s a lifetime in itself. I started as crew and worked myself through to a restaurant manager.

I am in charge of the Louise (Sioux Falls) location now and am working on developing and coaching the team. I ran the Brookings location for 14 years prior to coming here. I’ve also worked in Minneapolis for a year and Phoenix for some years. The hardest part of my job is having people believe in the system and that McDonald’s is truly a career and it is very rewarding if they just take that leap of faith. Some days can be very rewarding once they do and then the days they don’t are where I have to continue to push myself in saying we will get there. Mainly, my job is to run the business once everyone understands their roles and they accept them. Everyone needs to understand the whole picture.

Away from work I like to workout, hangout with my grandson Kase and my kids Jessica and Bailey. I’m just now starting to take interest in seeing if I can keep plants alive. We will see how that goes. I’ve never really had a green thumb. Family has been my passion though since I’ve had my kids.

McDonald’s has always been my strongest lifeline. So making good friends and being around people daily is the best thing about McDonald’s for me. Working for Hart2Hart is great in the fact that the company believes in me.

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