Jordan Hartshorn

Owner/Operator Hart 2 Hart, Inc.
Jordan Hartshorn

I am a 2nd generation McDonald’s franchisee. I started working in a McDonald’s restaurant when I was 12 years old. Since that time, I have held basically every position within the restaurant, from crew person to multisite supervisor. In total, I have been with the company for 16 years. I took about a 7 year hiatus from McDonald’s to attend College and gain a little work experience outside of the, “golden arches”. I came back in 2007 to start my full on career with McDonald’s and have loved every bit of my return. In 2017 I became an approved owner/operator.  

As a McDonald’s owner, my duties would include just about everything, nothing is too small or too big. From jumping in a position to help a breakfast or lunch rush to cleaning off tables and picking up the parking lot to ensuring we have a great work place and fun environment for our people to work in. On a larger scale, I also work with other owner/operators around the country to plan strategies that will keep our business moving forward as a system. Last but not least, it is important for me to be a strong part of the community and to give back in times of need and support organizations that need help in their cause. 

I have a wife (Ashley) and two daughter (Norah and Ava) in our spare time we like vacationing, youth sporting activities and playing family games. My one weird quirk is playing foosball competitively, attending a few pro-circuit events every year. My favorite part of working for McDonald’s is being able to help develop other peoples futures. Whether they stay with us as a long term career or just need a side gig job, everyone has a plan of what they want for their future and its been amazing to help them get there in one way or another.  

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