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February 2, 2021

OTP Pro of the Year and Marty Ruby Award

It is our pleasure to announce that Staci Jesse received the prestigious OTP Pro of the Year and Marty Ruby Award! The OTP Pro is an elite group of employees that handle operational excellence and drive growth for McDonald’s through technology. And the Marty Ruby Award is considered the top award an OTP Pro can achieve.  There is only one given per year in the entire country, and this year it went to Staci Jesse!

Staci supports Mike and Jordan Hartshorn and became an OTP Pro only 2 short years ago. Since then she has built a team of OTP1’s, 2’s & OTP Pros, reduced calls to the help desk significantly, improved restaurant uptime, implemented preventative maintenance routines and provided guidance to the organization on their technology  budget. Staci created her own OTP classes that built on the existing OTP classes and created processes for the organization to use when they acquired additional restaurants, and needed to survey the technology status of these new restaurants.  Staci is all about systems and training to truly manage technology and not just react to it.  Staci has worked for McDonald’s for the past 16 years. She says “ she is honored to work alongside an amazing crew and wonderful owners making this truly a McFamily!” Congratulation, Staci! Watch the fulll video here

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